We are sure you will have lots of questions about your wedding photography. Having been photographing for many years across Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire we are very experienced in all aspects of weddings and are happy to assist and help with your planning.

The best way for us to answer these would be to meet up and talk. If you would like to do this then contact us.

Some general questions we are asked are below.

Do you take photos of both of us getting ready?

Bridesmaids together posing on a bed

We do. That is one of the benefits of having two of us.

What time do you stay until?

We like to capture a bit of the party so we once the first dance has finished we carry on photography some dancing before we leave. 

Do you take family photos?

We absolutely will do this for you. Even though most couples want us to capture their day in a relaxed and informal way it is important to remember that weddings are one of the times that families get together. As a result having family photos will be precious. Remember though we will talk this through with you before the day so we know exactly what you would like so these photos don’t take up too much of your day. 

I don't like having my photo taken, can you help with this?

You wouldn’t believe how many times we hear this. On your wedding day you will look and feel a million dollars so that usually helps when it comes to being in front of the camera. We are experienced photographers so we have lots of tricks up our sleeves to help you to relax. When it comes to having your couple photos taken we get you to focus on each other. That might mean we capture a giggle or a cheeky kiss. Our aim is to capture what you mean to each other in your photos. Have a read of our reviews on Google and Facebook as there are many couples who talk about this and how easy they found it on the day. We want the photography part of your day to be fun not painful!

Do you do videography?

We have very close links with experienced wedding videographers who we can recommend. We focus on capturing beautiful still photographs and let someone else focus on capturing a beautiful wedding film. 

Do you have a Photobooth?

Photo Booth at Warwick House

We do and it is a very classy Photo Booth too! It has all the fun and automation of other types of booth but without being enclosed in a box. You can see more of our backdrops on our Facebook page. We have taken the booth all over the UK and it is available for weddings and other events such as birthday parties and commercial celebrations.

Are all your photos on your website from real weddings?

This is something that is very important to us. ALL of the photos you see advertising our wedding photography are taken on REAL weddings. We do not use photographs from workshops, training events or styled shoots to advertise what we do. It is really important when looking for a photographer that you can see full weddings either on galleries or in sample albums. That is not to say that we don’t undertake these types of shoots and occassionally you will see us post photos from these but we make it clear that they were not taken on real weddings. 

Do you take photos in Church?

We are happy to say that most Churches now allow us to take photos. There are a few that only allow photography from the back of the Church and every now and then we do come across a vicar or priest that won’t allow us to take any photos at all. It is always a good idea to talk to your Church about the importance of photography to you. What we can say is because there are two of us we are able to capture exactly what we need without moving around the Church. We would hate to be a distraction. 

What if it rains?

We love this question. Firstly we have professional, weather sealed cameras which can cope with most weather that England throws at us. We also have great lighting options which can help us if needing to photograph indoors. You will see examples of when we have photographed in rain and even snow and captured the most beautiful photos so please don’t let this be something that you worry about. You cannot change the weather but you can choose photographers who can adapt to the weather!