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We are wedding photographers in Warwickshire but work all over the UK.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to feel comfortable with the photographers that you book for your wedding. We are with you for the majority of the day so you need to feel you will be able to get on with us.

As well as meeting up it is also good to read reviews from past clients. Click here to read a few but you can also go to our Facebook page and Google to read more.

We would love to welcome you at our studio in Warwickshire to meet us as your wedding photographers for an initial chat. We can then find out what you are looking for from your wedding photography. At this time you also get to see our work in albums and displayed on wall art. We tell the wedding story in Heirloom Albums. From these you can start to see how your wedding story will look.


It’s also important for us to know who the important people are in your lives so that we can capture those closest to you in your photos on the day. Getting together throughout the planning will help us to understand these relationships as well as getting to know you both better.


We don’t dictate how your day should run but can offer you advice and give you some guidance. As a result of having been wedding photographers for in excess of ten years we have lots of experience.

If you decide that we are the photographers for you then we will send you a booking form to complete. At this point we will also ask you for a booking fee. Once we have this then your date is secure so no chances of us being double booked!

Finally we like to plan! We do this to take some of the pressure away from you on the day so you can concentrate on enjoying the time with your family and friends. As a result we complete a couple of forms with you in advance of your wedding day at a planning meeting.


You can expect us to work hard, be friendly but efficient on your big day.

 It has been known for Ani to put the camera down to help a bride into her dress, apply a bit of make up or grab a sewing needle! Kev is always on hand to help the lads with buttonholes, cravats and he’s also saved the day when the rings got locked in a house once too!

We want your day to be as special as it can be and if there is anything we can do to help this happen on the day then we will. Pictures of stressed brides, grooms and family members don’t make for good wedding photos!




Ready to find out more?

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We want you to have photographs that ignite the memory of your special day, that tell the story and that capture how fab you both looked!

The one thing we hear all the time from couples looking for their wedding photographer is that they love our natural style. We capture so many unplanned, unstaged moments which are the photos that bring back all the memories.

It helps that there are two wedding photographers working in Warwickshire & Beyond

What does this mean for you?

Being able to dedicate time to both of you during your preparations.

We can capture the guest view of your ceremony whilst also getting the shots of the vows,
rings being exchanged and first kiss from the front.

Capturing more of the candid moments, people congratulating you, laughing, crying, just enjoying your day.

During any group shots you want we can get them done and dusted quickly,
one of us organising, one of us photographing.

Two pairs of eyes looking out for the reactions throughout your wedding speeches.

Seeing more relaxed moments between you during your couple photos.


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